Face Masks

The National Department of Health has recommended that all South Africans wear a cloth face mask when in public.  View the statement here 

Face Shields

Hand Sanitisers

Although it is recommended that washing of hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, this isn’t always possible.  An alternate solution to hand hygiene is the use of hand sanitisers.  Hand sanitisers should contain at least 70% alcohol to ensure effectiveness according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Disposable Items

Disposable Coverall

General Items

PPE & Winter Protective Wear

We can offer a full range of protective outerwear for all industries.  As we head into the cooler winter months with the Coronavirus keeping your staff warm and healthy will be a top priority.  We offer a full range of winter wear including beanies and scarves.  We can offer a large range of jackets to suit your requirements and pocket including lightweight and heavyweight jackets and fleeces.

Covid-19 Awareness

Outdoor and Indoor display items to raise awareness as well as T-shirts with pre-designed images.  Skins can also be purchased and used on some existing hardware.  

Covid-19 Awareness