Slam Ball


Shen Sports slam balls are constructed of a heavy duty durable rubber outer shell and filled to weight with sand. The surface of the ball is pliable and tacky to ensure easy grasp and grip in picking up, catching and throwing drills. Perfect for rebounder use or wall and floor slams.

Warranty and Maintenance

Shen Sports slam balls have been designed for slamming use on suitable surface such as gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats, stall mats or turf. They are not made to be used on rigid and abrasive surfaces as this will cause the outer cover to degrade and significantly shorten the life of the product. The slam balls are covered by a 6 month “commercial use” manufacturing warranty for the structural integrity of the ball against a manufacturing fault. The warranty does not cover the valve or surrounding ring as this area is susceptible to cracking when repeatedly slammed upon. The manufacturing warranty will be voided due to the following:


  • Normal wear and tear
  • Use on abrasive or uneven surfaces
  • Slamming directly on the valve side
  • Any use outside of what the slam ball has originally been created for.
Weight N/A

10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 5KG